LUD is starting tours all over Egypt; this is the first step in Alexandria.

Lozan Urban Development, a company known for its achievements in the field, is turning a new page in its story by announcing a journey across the various governorates of Egypt. This initiative aims to introduce the company's innovative and distinguished projects, and establish collaborative and partnership relations with different local entities. Ultimately, this will contribute to driving the wheels of economic and urban development throughout the republic.

The first stop on this ambitious journey was the charming city of Alexandria. Lozan Urban Development held a special promotional event for members of the Sporting Club and the Jeead Club, showcasing details of their new project, "The Rift Business Park." This pioneering project stands out for its strategic location and diverse commercial office spaces that cater to the needs of companies and institutions of all sizes and activities. The Rift Business Park also offers a wide range of high-end services and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment.

Lozan Urban Development's vision goes beyond just showcasing their projects in Alexandria. They aspire to expand their tour to include other key governorates across Egypt. Through this initiative, the company strives to contribute to achieving sustainable development and balanced urban development in all parts of the republic.

Lozan Urban Development aims to achieve the following through their journey:

  • Introduce their innovative projects that address the needs of the growing Egyptian market.
  • Establish strategic partnerships with local entities involved in urban development.
  • Contribute to creating job opportunities and stimulating the local economy.
  • Support infrastructure and services in various governorates.
  • Enhance Egypt's position as an attractive global investment destination.

Lozan Urban Development emphasizes its unwavering commitment to actively participating in Egypt's comprehensive development journey. The company strongly believes that its collaboration with various local entities will contribute to shaping a bright future for the entire republic.

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