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In 2007, LUD began with an ambitious vision and a clear goal to achieve excellence in the real estate field. The company has embarked on its investment journey towards success, and since then, it has reflected its ambitious vision and commitment to quality and innovation in every project it undertakes.

Since the beginning of its journey, LUD Company has followed its core principles of innovation and excellence to prove its presence and position as a leader among competitors in the real estate market. According to the strategic vision of its management team and relevant professionals, the company has succeeded in achieving continuous success over the years.

It tells an inspiring success story, starting its journey in Abu Dhabi and then extending to many important cities. During this journey, the company has been able to improve its presence in the real estate market and achieve many achievements through 17 Mini Compound in Abu Dhabi, which has been a strong start for the company.

Then, in 2011, the company began investing in 19 commercial, residential, and administrative projects in the Delta. One of the most notable achievements of LUD is that it is characterized by innovative design and gives a unique experience to the customer. All of our projects reflect the vision, ambition, and commitment to quality deserved by the customer who is looking for investment for a better opportunity or the customer who has his own project and is looking for a site that highlights the project and makes it the focus of everyone's attention.


When it was announced that construction would begin in the new administrative capital, LUD wanted to make a new and important step in its unique real estate career by beginning to participate in three of the most important projects in 2018. This decision came after a real study of the real estate market at this time to be aware of all developments and the needs of our customers who are looking for the best location for their projects, whether they're "commercial, medical, or administrative.".

As a continuation of the company's successes and providing all the best, distinctive, and convenient for our customers, The Apex Business Complex was launched in 2022. This project was moved in terms of design, location, and even prices that suit our customers of all categories.


The journey of successful investment began with the wise choice of the ideal location, which we find in the Apex Business Complex project in the new administrative capital. The best downtown areas have been identified for this investment project, located on the Eastern Axis Road, making access anywhere inside or outside the city easy and convenient.

One of the most distinctive features of our current projects is to master the selection of the site distinctively to suit the needs of our customers looking for a distinctive site—an engineering design that does not compare to competitive prices.

Even if their interests differ, whether you are interested in a "residential-administrative-hotel-medical" unit.


In 2023, we launched the largest project of our kind in the future of the City, The Rift Business Park, which will be the future and the most important project of Mostakbal City over the next 10 years.

A vibrant and distinctive project that combines leisure, housing, and everything you need every day.

This project was outperformed by LUD, which introduced to its customers a new project on an area of 70 thousand meters.


LUD remains a leader in its field in Egypt and Abu Dhabi thanks to its partners in success and the trust of its customers, which always aspires to work on the difference in the field of real estate development in the real estate market inside and outside Egypt.

Through its expansion and continuous growth, LUD has become a landmark in the real estate market, possessing a good reputation and great trust from customers and investors. The company's impact is undoubtedly not limited to the real estate projects it has implemented but goes beyond its social and economic impact on the communities in which it operates.

But LUD’s success is not just the past; it continues to build its future with confidence and optimism. The company's strategic vision is to expand its scope of work, diversify its projects, and develop its services to meet the needs and aspirations of customers in the varied and involved real estate market.

LUD is an inspiring success story in the real estate market, where it has been able to prove its existence and achieve many achievements over the years. Given its successful career, it is certain that the future of the company will be bright and full of challenges and opportunities, and it is ready to face them and achieve more successes and achievements.

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