The Rift Business Park

    Directly on Mid Ring Rd

    Welcome to The Rift Business Park, a visually stunning and unique shopping and working experience.

    Our atmosphere is designed to evoke a sense of power and adventure, providing positive and uplifting energy from the moment you step inside.

    Our carefully curated interior creates a sense of luxury, sophistication, and elegance that elevates your shopping experience to a new level.

    Project facilities are divided into entertainment, commercial, administrative, and other service categories to meet the needs of various user groups.

    We are conveniently located with easy accessibility from all entrances, serving as a vital link between Mostakbal City,

    Madinty and the New Administrative Capital

    administrative, medical, or commercial space, we have a unit that's perfect for you.

    Besides, our design concept features a unique and modern architectural design that sets us apart.

    The overall design has a rift or gap running through it, creating an interesting visual feature that provides visitors with access.

    to all the amenities and luxurious settings of Macana.

    In the heart of the project,

    a stunning view of the second-largest water feature in the Arab world and the largest in Africa.

    Not to mention, many of the facilities that surround the lake are designed to look like extensions of the natural landscape.

    with a U-shaped shape so that each building has a view of the lake at the project's centre.

    Also, The buildings are connected by terraces to create open areas that connect the entire project.

    Finally, experience The Rift Business Park's exceptional shopping and working experience.

    Contact us now to learn more about our unique project and facilities.

    Total area
    Water Feature & Plazas
    Hyber Market

    Project features

    The Rift is a masterfully designed commercial venue meant to take the lead in a distinctive design idea that will turn Mostakbal City into a high-end, contextual mixed-use development.

    The proposed mixed-use development comprises retail, executive offices, and various facilities that create a new urban environment and significantly expand the public realm.

    Daycare Centre
    Food & Dining options
    Fully equipped fitness centers
    Eco-friendly options
    Outdoor Spaces
    Relaxation Spaces
    Wellness Centers
    Panoramic Elevators
    Water Falls
    Underground Parking

    Unique location

    The Rift Project grows in the deserted land of Mostakbal City to enliven it, filling it with energy and life.

    With its prominent location, The Rift main approach belongs to LUD′s projects the mall has all the significant advantages of accessibility from all entrances making the mall serve as vital link between; The commercial facade on 2nd Ring Road.

    Strip mall and drive-thrus on North Mohamed Bin Zayed Axis ( which is the main access to New Capital ).

    1 Min
    Directly on Mid Ring Rd
    5 Min
    1 Min
    Mostakbal City
    13 Min
    New Administrative Capital

    A- Commercial Building

    • Daycare Centre
    • Wi-Fi
    • Accessible Parking & Transportation.
    • Food & Dining options
    • Fully equipped fitness centers
    • Outdoor Space with green areas & Water Features
    • Eco-friendly options.
    • 24-hour Security, a backup power generator & Emergency Drills
    • Tenant Lounge
    • Retails

    B- Office Building

    • Relaxation Spaces (Comfortable seating & Activities)
    • On-site Cafeteria & Pop-up Restaurant
    • Outdoor Spaces
    • Workplace Services (Dry cleaning, Parking, Electric vehicle charging & Mailboxes)
    • Entertainment Services
    • Mobility (Shuttle service updates & shuttle tracking integrations)
    • Security (Secure access control, Visitor management & Incident communications)
    • Accessible ramps & Elevators Sustainability ( LEED/WELL certification)
    • Wellness Centers
    • Flexible Office Space & Comfortable
    • Natural Light Optimization

    Architectural partner

    Mohamed Talaat Architects

    Mohamed Talaat Architects was successfully established in Egypt, with over 20 years of experience in architecture, interior design, urban planning, and construction supervision.

    Over profound years of experience and towering passion, M.T Architects expanded internationally to offer architectural, interior design, landscape design, urban planning and construction supervision for various mega projects.

    Mohamed Talaat Architects has delivered hundreds of projects in Egypt and all over the world including:

    Saudi Arabia (Jeddah and Riyadh) - Kuwait - UAE - Turkey - South Africa - Italy.

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