Why You Should Choose The Rift Business Park

The Rift Business Park is one of LUD’s projects.

Where is the location of the Rift Business Park?

The Rift Business Park has a distinctive location, specifically in Future City No. 1. It is considered a landmark for this vibrant area. The project is located in the most important 10 kilometers on the road between "Al-Ain Sokhna and Suez Governorate" and between the two most important gates of Mostakbal City and the New Administrative Capital Gate.

The Rift Business Park Project is the largest “medical administrative-commercial” mall whose location has been carefully selected after a full study of the most important areas with distinct geographical locations, which will be a destination for visitors in the coming years due to the importance of its location.


The Area of the Rift The Rift Business Park:

The Rift in Mostakbal City is designed on a 16.5-acre area, equivalent to 70 thousand meters. 50 thousand meters of the project will be a green area, landscape, water features, and a dispersed fountain throughout the project.



The architectural design of the Rift

The architectural design of the project was worked on under the supervision of the consultant engineer, Mohamed Talat, President of MTA Engineering Consulting Company, on the latest unique and distinctive architectural designs for the future of the city.

All buildings in the project have a special and distinctive view, and the sun clearly shows that the spacing between the buildings has been worked on so that there is more distance between the buildings, some of them are 64 meters and some are less than 8 meters. This distancing allows privacy and enjoyment of views of the landscape, giving a sense of comfort and calm.


The Rift’s location is unique, and it will serve several compounds around it. We show how important the site is by mentioning to large developers that our project will serve them and make them permanent visitors to our project.

Our project is located next to Compound Mountain View City, Palm Hills, and other special projects that will be the most visited places and enjoy a pleasant and wonderful atmosphere.

The Rift project is an integrated city with various and varied spaces for "commercial and medical" units.

The second floor of the project is fully connected to provide you with a good and distinctive shopping experience.

The administrative buildings have a full view of the landscape and water features to add an atmosphere of calm and comfort during the long working periods of employees.

So the Rift Business Park is the most suitable place for those who are looking for medical and administrative units to start their own project or to spend time with parents and friends.

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