LUD announced that Phases 1 & 2 of the Rift Business Park are sold out

Lozan Urban Development Group proudly announces that the first and second phases of its project The Rift Business Park are sold out. This announcement marks a significant milestone in the company's journey towards achieving success and realizing its vision.

These accomplishments symbolize the success achieved by LUD Group due to the great trust placed in it by its clients and partners in success. Thanks to their efforts and ongoing collaboration, the first and second phases were successfully sold, highlighting the increasing demand for The Rift Business Park.

This achievement reflects LUD's commitment to delivering exceptional real estate projects, as "The Rift Business Park" represents a significant addition to the commercial real estate scene in Egypt, offering exciting opportunities for investors seeking innovative and profitable ventures. 

With the first and second phases sold out, everyone is looking optimistically towards the upcoming phases to be launched of "The Rift Business Park".

The Rift Business Park is a unique investment project that offers amazing opportunities for investors in Egypt, boasting a prime strategic location on the central Mohamed bin Zayed Axis Road, one of the main roads leading to the capital from the Middle Ring Road. 

The project features modern and distinctive architectural designs, including the largest water feature in Africa and second-largest within the Middle East. It also includes a variety of available facilities to meet different needs, making it an ideal destination for investors looking to invest in the commercial real estate market in Egypt.

Spanning an area of 16.5 acres, The Rift Business Park comprises a variety of commercial, administrative, and medical buildings, providing investors with a wide range of options to achieve their investment goals.


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